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Andreina Giorgia



Andreina was born in Sursee, Switzerland, on November 16th 1970.

She now lives and works in Arezzo as a free lance artist. Previously, she attended The State School of Art in Arezzo and the Academy of Arts in Florence.

She began her career as an artist designing jewellery, fashion and furniture. Over the years, she has collaborated with architects and participated in projects involving ceramics, glass painting and sculpture utilizing different materials.

She participated in an exhibition in 1987, at the Castle of Porciano in the Province of Arezzo. At first, her artistic production was characterized by installations and performances with metal structures woven with threads and natural rubber. Later, she exhibited in art galleries in Turin, Noale, (Province of Venice), Milan, Modena, Portomaggiore and Mesola (Province of Ferrara), Ferrara, Principality of Monaco, Lavarone (Province of Trento), Florence, Arezzo.

In 1997, she started upgrading the Church of Holy Spirit of Indicatore, Province of Arezzo. There, she created large artworks such as the altarpiece, paintings, a glass door for the lateral chapel, the glass window above the apse, the perimeter windows of the church, low relief sculptures in the facade. Finally, in 2009 she started working on the "Vision of Ezekiel", a monumental mosaic on the exterior of the church.


Starting from 2013, as the original project expanded, the scope of the Cultural Association Ezekiel also widened. The artistic work expanded to include an artistic-educational-social project, open to a public not only interested in mosaic but also in music and other activities. Together with the site of the mosaic, the project now includes the development of a Multifunctional Center for the Arts, an amphitheater for hosting public events, a sensory path for people with disabilities, a self-managed orchard and a center for hosting people in need. 

In 2013, in order to support the new project, a campaign asking for donations of time working on the mosaic was inaugurated. Since the beginning of the campaign, nearly 300 artists and more than a 1000 volunteers have joined the effort to complete the mosaic. Donors have arrived from countries on nearly every continent. More recently, school children have begun visiting the site while also attending laboratories and workshops. 

All along, Andreina has been the artist, the planner, the coordinator, the promoter and the director of a vision, a dream in which she never stopped believing despite the difficulties.

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