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The Mosaic of Andreina

How a public art project became the largest mosaic artwork in Europe.

The story of the mosaic was born well before the mosaic itself. Some passages are crucial in the story:


1996 - Don Santi Chioccioli, the new priest of the parish of Indicatore, meets with Andreina Giorgia Carpenito, a young artist living in the same parish. The idea of the artistic revitalisation of the church of Indicatore is born after this meeting.

1998- 2008  - The initial upgrades take place inside the church and in the chapel next door; a first upgrade takes place outside on the facade of the building and on the front door.


2009 - The revitalization of 2600 sq.ft. of the square in front of the church entrance, the parvis, begins.

2012 - In order to support the realization of the mosaic and to broaden the artistic goals with social ones, the Cultural Association Ezekiel is born.

2013 - Two volunteers produce some images detailing the social development ideas for the site; in the same year Andreina launches a  campaign for donations of time from artists and people willing to help with the realization of the mosaic. Since then 300 artists and more than a 1000 volunteers have joined the campaign.


Until 1996

The place


1996 - 2008

The first interventions

The mosaic
Associazione Ezechiele


Cultural Association




Beyond the mosaic

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