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Cultural Association 



The Cultural Association Ezekiel is a non-profit established in 2012 by Andreina Giorgia Carpenito to promote and support The Mosaic of Andreina and to make the mosaic project more inclusive by offering activities with a social intent.

The Association counts on a group of collaborators -- volunteers for the most part -- coordinating the activities for the advancement of the mosaic and organizing artistic, cultural, educational and social activities at the Multifunctional Center for the Arts of Indicatore. During the year, there are lessons in applied arts, mosaic, photography, music, sculpture, graphics, foreign languages, beekeeping, etc. open to everybody. Moreover, the Association hosts artists, volunteers and students who are offering their help completing the mosaic or who are obliged to do community service. 

The Association self-finances through the sale of courses, classes and artistic works, and it receives donations of time, construction materials, waste materials and end products, working tools, food and money, collected mostly through two crowdfunding campaigns.

In 2019, the group The Friends of the Mosaic was born to provide a direct way for its large community of supporters to aid the project.

Artistic and Educational Activities


The Cultural Association Ezekiel handles planning for the completion of The Mosaic of Andreina and the upgrading of the outside and the inside of the Church of the holy Spirit of Indicatore. Every year, in exchange for their time and efforts, the Association hosts tens of artists, volunteers and students who help advance the mosaic.

The Association participates in educational projects with schools of different grades and specializations. It cooperates with elementary schools, high schools specializing in art -- for instance, projects mixing people with disabilities and people without disabilities -- Academies for the Arts, French trade schools for tilers etc. It has been involved with Erasmus Programme, Erasmus Plus and Leonardo da Vinci Programme, all sponsored by the European Union. It also hosts field trips for schools. 

The Association organizes artistic events and exhibitions open to the public. With the patronage of the Municipality of Arezzo, we organize MOSAICART, a laboratory-exhibition of mosaic, that for two days brings mosaic to the streets of Arezzo's the historical center, with demonstrations for curious people and tourists about the technique and the art of the mosaic.

Attività artisitiche

Cultural and Educational Activities


The Cultural Association Ezekiel organizes classes and laboratories open to everybody from 6 to100 years of age.

Laboratories of applied arts (painting, mosaic, sculpture, glass work, graphics) and music classes are offered. Music lessons provide students the hands-on opportunity to use musical instruments. Included are art-therapy and music-therapy labs for people with disabilities. 

In cooperation with other associations and institutions, we plan opportunities for community service. We cooperate with associations and institutions that are dealing with: 

disabilities ( Associazione CLA Arezzo; Papa Giovanni XXIII Cesena;  Associazione Down - Arezzo);

- parolees (Casa Circondariale di Arezzo UEPE),

- drug addictions (USL 8 - Arezzo),

- psychiatric illnesses,

- refugees (Cooperativa Futura - Arezzo).

Attività culturali educative
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